Why The Sophie The Giraffe Is Popular?

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The early months of baby are critical for their growth. Especially the greatest task that parents have to master is to feed their baby. As in early months, usually, the kids are on breastfeeding and may take liquid diet. The babies have to learn the breastfeeding and the best way to teach your infant is to give them teether. Now there are different types and sizes of teether available in the market. Even subconsciously babies make the connection with the teethers and the teethers are usually made in the shape of different characters like a cat, dog, dolphin etc. Usually, the animal characters are repeatedly used in making of teether. These characters help babies to accept these teethers as their first toy with whom they can not only play but can easily chew that. Like many other items that have become the part of life as a symbol of culture, as they have been part of our life from generations. Same is the case with one of the characters in teether, which have been in use from the last three generations and have become the first friend of every baby. That is buy Sophie the giraffe. Firstly, introduced in 1961, now it has been in use from nearly six decades and have universal popularity throughout the globe.  

  • Universal Character: Sophie the giraffe has become the celebrity among all the characters in the category of Teether. This is the reason that wherever you are around the globe you can easily find it and buy Sophie the giraffe. It can be said as the universal character and everyone feel connected to it. This is an immense recognition for any character especially in the category of teether.
  • Emotional connection: As it has been first introduced in 1961, in 6 decades it has achieved global fame. Even the same character has been used by multiple generations. For example, if you 55 years old and at that time you have used Sophie the giraffe teether in your infancy but when you got the kid, the same character was used by them. Now even when you say your grandkids using the same character’s teether, you will feel the connection. This connection seems to be transferred with generation. Now there will be few things that have to remain the same for such a long time and Sophie the giraffe may be one of them. 
  • Consistent Quality: It is not only about the graphical look of the teether. The other reason that it has stayed here for long is consistent quality. The use of Sophie the giraffe helps babies in sucking and also, they can easily play with it as a toy. The making of Sophie the giraffe is ideal for babies and have numerous health benefits for them.For more information visit www.thebabygiftcompany.com.au.

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